He didn't achieve the fame that his older brother John enjoyed, but Jimmy Lydon was part of his own group for a short period during the late '70s and early '80s, 4 Be 2. Like the early releases of his brother's second major band, Public Image Ltd., 4 Be 2's sound featured art-damaged, dub-influenced post-punk. With revolving door assistance from Graham Wheeland, bassist Martin "Youth" Glover (Killing Joke), guitarists Dreary O'Hoodlum and Jock McDonald (who doubled as the group's manager), and drummers Paddy O'Reilly and Paul "Youngie" Young, 4 Be 2 released a trio of singles, debuting on Island in September of 1979 with One of the Lads. The Frustration single followed in July of 1980 and added backing vocals from Keren Woodward and Sarah Dallin, two future members of Bananarama.

Though the sleeves for the singles credit John Lydon with production, Jimmy swore (nudge nudge) that it was his father - not his brother - that did the knob twiddling. The singer opted to leave the group in March of 1981 and the group celebrated the fact with the All of Lads 12," which was issued on Shamrock. After that, the group continued briefly with Jimmy's adolescent brother, Martin, as the vocalist. ~ Andy Kellman, All Music Guide