Bucks Fizz Photo Bucks Fizz were one of the biggest bands of the early 1980's. Eurovision Song Contest winners Bobby G, Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston’s sparkling performance of 'Making Your Mind Up' earned them an instant place in musical folklore, and an international number one Hit. Following in the footsteps of ‘Abba,’ Bucks Fizz redefined the public’s expectations of a ‘boy/girl’ band - with exciting dance routines and regular visual image changes. Think - ‘Steps’ crossed with ‘Liberty X‘, twenty years before their time!

Bucks Fizz's string of Hit Singles and Albums earned them many Gold and Silver discs, with songs such as 'If You Can't Stand The Heat', and the chart toppers 'Land Of Make Believe' and 'My Camera Never Lies'. They were winners of several Public Popularity and Music Industry Awards. At the height of this success, one could hardly pick up a magazine, or read a newspaper without encountering Bucks Fizz. World Tours enhanced their popularity, they even appeared in their own weekly comic strip! The group’s success was briefly interrupted by a coach crash during their 1984 tour, followed by the departure of Jay Aston. National Auditions for a new Bucks Fizz girl inspired huge media exposure. The recruitment of Shelley Preston saw Bucks Fizz enjoying new hits including 'Keep Each Other Warm’ and 'New Beginning'. Cheryl Baker also extended her television presenting role, fronting programmes such as 'The Saturday Picture Show', 'Record Breakers', and 'Eggs 'n' Baker'. During this period, artists including Cher, Abba’s Agnetha Faltskog and Aswad had their own chart success covering previous Bucks Fizz tracks.

Following Bucks Fizz's 1989 tours of Britain, Australia and the Far East, Shelley Preston left the group to pursue her own musical projects. She has since become a much sought after international backing singer. Bucks Fizz continued as a threesome for the next four years. The 1990's saw Bucks Fizz undertake an amazing schedule of live performances. 1991 saw their nation-wide 'Tenth Anniversary' tour, the long awaited release of their much respected 'Live' album, and the beginning of a long and successful association with Butlins/Haven. In 1992 they starred in their own Blackpool summer show, whilst Cheryl Baker scored solo success with her club hit, 'Sensuality'.

As the group continued to take on more live dates, Cheryl left Bucks Fizz in 1993 to concentrate on her family life and blossoming television career. Bobby and Mike recruited fresh talent in the form of Heidi Manton and Amanda Szwarc. The renewed group appeared on television and radio, and toured Ireland, Britain, Bosnia and the Falkland Islands Mike Nolan and Amanda Szwarc left Bucks Fizz in 1996, being ultimately replaced by new stars Graham Crisp and Louise Hart.

Bobby, Heidi, Graham and Louise produced a dynamic new stage show which shocked and impressed even their most ardent fans, reinforcing their status as one of the world's top live bands. The group made some exciting changes, whilst retaining and refreshing the essential hits - in a show which continued to evolve. Bucks Fizz continued to take on even more live dates, including Summer Seasons at Blackpool and Bournmouth Television appearances included ‘Live and Kicking’ and ‘Night Fever’. The group began 2000 by visiting Florida - for the wedding of Bobby and Heidi. ‘Hello’ magazine was awarded exclusive coverage - marking the occasion with a front cover and multi-page feature. BMG Entertainment celebrated Bucks Fizz with a CD release of their 1982 album, ‘Are You Ready’.

In 2002, the BBC’s ‘Trouble At The Top’ programme covered the already much documented dispute between Bobby G and David Van Day; regarding the latter’s unlicensed use of the ‘Bucks Fizz’ trademark - which is owned by the group’s management company. (A settlement has now been reached.) During this time Bucks Fizz carried on regardless with their hectic schedule. On a sadder note, the year ended with both Louise and Graham ‘making their minds up’ to leave the group. New Years Day 2003: Television viewers saw Bobby and Heidi attend the ‘Number One Party’, accompanied by Bobby’s original band-mates - Cheryl, Jay and Mike. However this new year brings celebration of more than just past chart success: it is also time for a ’New Beginning’. Bobby and Heidi are delighted to welcome old friends Nikki Winters and Wayne Chinnery as the new members of Bucks Fizz. Nikki and Wayne spent the last four years in the boy/girl group, ‘Krave’, who toured Germany and the UK supporting bands such as ‘Attomic Kitten’ and ‘Five’. Nikki has actually been in Bucks Fizz briefly before - covering for Louise Hart when was pregnant.

Bobby, Heidi, Wayne and Nikki - aka Bucks Fizz, are looking forward to their continuing hectic schedule of live shows. Once again as the boys rip off the girls' skirts in 'Making Your Mind Up', audiences old and new will continue to appreciate the charm and vitality first displayed by Bucks Fizz over two decades ago...