Blancmange Photo
Blancmange was a British duo made up of two synthesizer players, Neil Arthur (b. 1958) and Stephen Luscombe (b. 1954). After being in previous groups, they founded Blancmange in January 1979 to record the song "Sad Day." Their U.K. Top 40 debut album, 1982's Happy Families, contained the Top Ten U.K. hits "Living on the Ceiling" and "Blind Vision." Their second album, 1984's Mange Tout, hit the U.K. Top Ten and contained their third U.K. Top Ten single, "Don't Tell Me." Their U.K. Top 40 singles included "Waves" (1983), "That's Love, That It Is" (1983), the ABBA cover song "The Day Before You Came" (1984), and "What's Your Problem?" (1985). Following the commercial failure of their third album, 1985's Believe You Me, Blancmange split up in 1986, and Luscombe joined the West India Company. ~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide