Graham Broad has played drums for a wide range of groups over the years. Among his first recordings was 1976's Money Talks with Polecats. He was featured on a Commander Cody album the following year, and one by Alexis Korner the next. 1979 saw Broad working on a couple of lesser-known releases, and it wasn't until 1981 that he appeared again, on the wonderful Five Miles Out by Mike Oldfield. He didn't show up on any albums again until 1983. That year there were three albums showcasing Broad's drum work, by Wham!, Culture Club, and a lesser-known group, Girls Can't Help It.

The following year he played on John Parr's self-titled album and Tina Turner's groundbreaking Private Dancer. 1985 was definitely a busy year for Mr. Broad, with his work showing up on five albums. The artists ranged from The Beach Boys to Go West. Apparently looking to continue his momentum rather than slowing down, he worked on six albums the next year, including John Parr, Red Rider, Charlie, and Modern English. Dropping it to just four releases the following year, Broad was featured on ABC, Deniece Williams, Jennifer Rush, and Roger Waters' releases. He next showed up on Roger Waters' Wall: Live in Berlin, 1990. The next two albums he was featured on were one by Shirley Bassey and another Tina Turner disc. Both of those were released in 1991.

By 1992, he was back in the Roger Waters fold, but also found time to work on releases by Bonnie Tyler, Tony Banks, and Peter Cetera. In 1994, his drum work was featured on the Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome soundtrack. He also showed up on a live album by Willie and the Poor Boys. The following year he sat behind the skins for Peter Cetera once again. After a long time away, Broad once again showed up on an Alexis Korner album in 1996. That year also saw appearances of Broad doing drums on Tina Turner and Bonnie Tyler albums.

The following year, he played on a disc called Storm by Vanessa-Mae. In 1998, he was featured on discs by David Summers, Bill Wyman, and Roger Chapman. In 2000, he was the drummer on Roger Waters' In the Flesh Live and Bill Wyman's Groovin'. He was showcased on Wyman's Double Bill in 2001. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide