Chris Connelly Photo
Chris Connelly is one of the leading figures in industrial music, serving as a member of both Ministry and Pigface and as lead vocalist for the Revolting Cocks. He has also worked on various side projects with other industrial figures, including Acid House, which features members of Cabaret Voltaire. However, Connelly has also recorded several solo albums that owe more to acoustic folk and pop. Connelly formed an experimental industrial dance band called Rigor Mortis, which, by 1978, was known as Fini Tribe.

Connelly joined the Revolting Cocks after meeting Al Jourgensen, whose work with Ministry impressed Connelly enough to bring Jourgensen a Fini Tribe single. The Cocks played their first gigs in 1987, and Connelly spent several years as one of industrial music's most prolific artists. In 1991, Connelly decided to explore other styles and recorded Whiplash Boychild, an album heavily influenced by '60s cult icon Scott Walker and David Bowie. 1993's Phenobarb Bam-Ba-Lam was a darker affair, coming on the heels of Connelly's girlfriend's suicide, and it was followed by 1994's Shipwreck, which concerned Connelly's putting his life back together.

Shipwreck was accompanied by an acoustic tour with William Tucker, guitarist for My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. Seven years later, Connelly issued Blonde Exodus. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide