Cutting Crew Photo
The pop/rock group Cutting Crew formed in England in 1985. The two founding members were guitarist Kevin Scott MacMichael and vocalist Nick Van Eede. The duo made a couple of demos and signed a recording contract with the Siren Records label before becoming a foursome in 1986 with the addition of bassist Colin Farley and drummer Martin Beadle.

Each member brought plenty of experience and talent with him to Cutting Crew. Eede had been in groups like the Drivers, MacMichael served time as guitarist for Fast Forward, Beadle was a one-time member of Hull, and Farley had completed hours of session work for many artists.

In 1986 Cutting Crew released its debut album, Broadcast. "Don't Look Back" and "Life in a Dangerous Time" are a couple of the tracks on this first effort. The young group gained mixed reviews from music critics, but not when it came to the single "I Just Died in Your Arms." The romantic tune became a smash hit in the United States, reaching number one on the Billboard singles chart. It did nearly as well in the United Kingdom, stopping only three points lower.

The band toured worldwide, and stood in as opening act for hot groups including the Bangles, Starship, and Huey Lewis & the News. Cutting Crew had a few other hits along the way with melodic numbers like "One for the Mockingbird," "Mirror and a Blade," and "I've Been in Love Before." It also won lots of airplay on MTV with its music videos.

In 1989 Cutting Crew released a sophomore album, The Scattering. A third full-length didn't come about until 1992. It was titled Compus Mentus, and never received much attention. In 1993 the band pulled the curtain down on the show, but a year later the compilation album, Greatest Hits, was offered on the market. It was followed in 1999 by another one, Back to Back Hits. ~ Charlotte Dillon, All Music Guide