Chain of Fun was a pop/rock group that formed in Toronto, Canada, in 1986. Members of the lineup were drummer Gord Pitts; bassist Jonathan Clark; and three singing brothers: lead vocalist Geoff McPeek, guitarist Ben McPeek, and keyboardist Jerome McPeek. The McPeek brothers grew up with interest in the music world, since their father owned a recording studio. When he died, he left it to his sons.

The same year the group started, they recorded a self-titled debut EP, their first and last outing as a band. The EP carries tracks like "Theater After Dark," "Love Inside," "I Gotta Know," and "Paisley Girls." Chain of Fun earned a chance to sign with a record label in England. It was a deal the members didn't take, since they didn't want to leave their homeland. After that, the band faded away as quickly as they had arrived on the scene. ~ Charlotte Dillon, All Music Guide