Singer and drummer Chris Maxfield and singer and multi-instrumentalist Lloyd Peterson brought their talents together professionally around 1980. The Canadian duo quickly added two other gifted artists to their lineup: guitarist Stan Lee Sandblaste and bassist Randy Hadubiak. Together, the foursome became known as The Cheer. The rock band played numerous local clubs, then began to travel to other gigs, even landing a few shows opening for favored acts like K.D. Lang.

In 1985, The Cheer recorded a debut album titled Swimming to Work. It was released under the Rotifer Records label. A year later, the group had a small amount of success with one of the album's singles, "Shot With Our Own Guns." Maybe part of the attention the song drew was because of the video made to go along with it. Both offerings were about the racial injustice in South Africa. "Shot With Our Own Guns" was the first and last single the band released. Most of the music world took little notice, and after a short time, The Cheer's members went their separate ways. ~ Charlotte Dillon, All Music Guide