The Crumbsuckers PhotoPart of the New York punk/thrash fusion scene commonly yet mistakenly referred to as "hardcore," The Crumbsuckers were formed in 1983 on Long Island by vocalist Dave Brady, guitarist Dave Wynn, bassist Gary Meskill, and drummer Dan Richardson. Brady was replaced by Chris Notaro, and guitarist Chuck Lenihan was added prior to their debut, Life of Dreams in 1986; shortly afterwards, Wynn was replaced by Ronnie Koebler, and prior to their second album, Lenihan and Notaro departed to be replaced by ex-Carnivore guitarist Marc Piovanetti and vocalist Joe Hegarty. Thus reconstituted, The Crumbsuckers cut the largely metallic Beast on My Back (B.O.M.B.) in 1988 and then broke up. Meskill and Richardson went on to comprise the rhythm section of Pro-Pain. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide