A T&T brass band that had been popular for many years prior to the emergence of one of their lead singers, David Rudder, as a solo calypsonian in 1986. In that year Rudder won both the Road March and the National Calypso Monarchy crown. In 1988 another Charlie's Roots lead singer, Chris "Tambu" Herbert, began a three-year domination of the Road March as a solo artist.

Despite the solo careers of the two, they remain to this day as singers for Charlie's Roots, although as of 1988 they began to release albums under their own names, with the band listed as backup artists. Albums are still released occasionally under the group's name. Sire Records reissues Rudder's music with Charlie's Roots in nice packages that are more easily available than the original Charlie's releases. Their tendency to mix songs from different years may confuse those who really wish to familiarize themselves with Rudder as a developing artist. ~ Gene Scaramuzzo, All Music Guide