Dirty Rotten Imbeciles Photo
D.R.I., which stands for Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, were one of the first bands to mix hardcore with thrash metal. Formed in Texas in the early '80s, they started out playing basic, straight-ahead hardcore. Their original lineup consisted of vocalist Kurt Brecht, drummer Eric Brecht, guitarist Spike Cassidy, and bassist Dennis Johnson. After moving to San Francisco for their second album, they started mixing heavy metal into their sound, and by their third record, it was impossible to tell which side of the dividing line they fell on (the two genres had become quite similar by then anyway).

The band has experienced numerous personnel shifts over the years. On a Mexican tour supporting 1988's Four of a Kind, bass player John Menor was severely injured by a robber, but the band rebounded the next year with what many consider to be their best album, Thrash Zone. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide