Das Damen PhotoThunderous guitars provided the backbone for Das Damen. Combining acid rock, heavy metal and post-punk influences, the New York-based quartet created some of the heaviest sounds of the late-1980s and early-90s. Despite releasing five impressive albums, the band's ultra-loud approach failed to attract many listeners and the group disbanded in January 1991. Das Damen showed much promise when they released their self-titled debut EP in 1986. Initially released on Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore's label, Estatic Peace, the EP featured six lengthy, high energy, tunes. The EP was reissued by SST later the same year. Continuing to build on their reputation, Das Damen released the heavily improvised album, Jupiter Eye in 1987 and the hard rock album, Triskaidekaphobe, in early-1988.

The band's problems began with the release of a twelve-inch, four-track, EP, Marshmellow Conspiracy, in late-1988. When one tune, "Song for Michael Jackson to $ell", turned out to be a renamed version of the Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour", and a law suit was threatened, the EP was withdrawn. The three remaining tunes were reissued, along with two tracks from Triskaidekaphobe, including one tune re-cut with ex-MC5 guitarist, Wayne Kramer, as a twelve-inch record and a CD3. Although they solidified their sound with their third full-length album, Mousetrap, in 1989, Das Damen continued to struggle for commercial success. After releasing their final album, Entertaining Friends, a live album recorded at New York's CBGB, in 1990, the group disbanded. ~ Craig Harris, All Music Guide