Rapper Dee Dee King is actually rocker Dee Dee Ramone going through a whopping identity crisis in the late '80s. As Ramones drummer Marky Ramone put it, "Dee Dee isn't a rap artist, he's a rock artist. I thought it was sort of unusual. One day he started wearing Mercedes Benz chains around his neck and gold rings. It was crazy. You know, I really think he lost his mind."

After leaving The Ramones in 1989, Dee Dee also spent the '90s writing Ramones songs (including six tracks on The Ramones' 1995 Adios Amigos), doing some production work, recording a solo rock 45 with a new band called The Chinese Dragons, and releasing a pair of solo rock LPs. He dies on June 5, 2002 due to some unforseen consequences. ~ Matt Carlson, All Music Guide