Guitarist/vocalist Rick "Rick Didjit" Simms used his outrageous stage persona to transform The Didjits into one of the top Satanic metal bands in the Midwest. With Simms leading the way with fast, ultra-loud, power chords, Chuck Berry-influenced riffs and lyrics about lust and violence, the group blazed with unprecedented intensity.

Formed in 1987, The Didjits wasted no time in making their message clear. Their debut album, Fizzjob, including such head-banging tunes as "Mexican Death Horse", "Fix Some Food Bitch", "Pet Funeral" and "Hafta Be Cool To Rule: Wingtips, while their second effort, Hey Judestar, released in March 1988, included "Plate In My Head", "(Mama) Had A Skull Head", "Axhandle" and "Stumpo Knee Grinder". They paid tribute to their influences with such tunes as "Elvis' Corvette","Jerry Lee" and a reworking of Little Richard's "Lucille".

The ferocity of The Didjits' concerts was captured on a live album, Backstage Passout Live Bootleg, recorded at the London Kilburn National Ballroom on September 19, 1990.

Since The Didjits' breakup in 1994, Simms has remained active with a variety of projects. He played with the Supersuckers in late-1995 and early-1996. After working briefly with Fred Schneider of The B52s, he went on to perform with Lee Harvey Oswald and The Gaza Strippers. ~ Craig Harris, All Music Guide