EBN-OZN PhotoThe oddly named new wave duo EBN-OZN had one novelty hit, "AEIOU Sometimes Y" in 1983, and then lapsed into obscurity. Featuring Ned "EBN" Liben (synthesizer) and Robert "OZN" Rosen (organ, vocals), EBN-OZN was actually an eclectic act that saw no stylistic boundaries, venturing into synth pop, funk, and salsa with giddy enthusiasm. EBN-OZN was formed in New York in the early '80s. Rosen was introduced to Liben by an acquaintance of his girlfriend.

Liben and Rosen were actually raised only a few blocks from one another, but they never met. Fans of punk rock and hip-hop, the two began spending time in clubs with one another, absorbing various forms of dance music from New York, Puerto Rico, and Europe. In 1984, EBN-OZN released their only LP, Feeling Cavalier, on Elektra Records. The single "AEIOU Sometimes Y" became a staple on modern rock stations. However, Liben and Rosen were never heard from again after that, at least not together. Liben started working with Scritti Politti while Rosen created the house music outfit DaDa NaDa for his own label One Voice Records.

Rosen eventually left the rock business, worked as a script analyst for Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone, and began writing screenplays. Liben passed away from a heart attack in 1998. ~ Michael Sutton, All Music Guide