The Fireballs of Freedom PhotoDelivering a raging fusion of the most extreme forms of rock & roll, The Fireballs of Freedom evoke both the roots of punk rock and the furious and disturbing features of hardcore. Assembling in the late '80s in Fargo, ND, The Fireballs of Freedom have since relocated to Portland, OR. Constituted by guitarist and vocalist Kelly, bassist The Dr., Von Paul (guitar, vocals), and King James, the band steadily built not only a loyal fan base, but also extended its recognition throughout the underground music scene.

Following years of relentless live performances, the band started recording its first discs, including a split single with the Bellrays titled White Lies/Black Knight. In 1998, the squad decided on offering its first full-length record, The New Professionals, trough the Empty Records label. After two years of various and intense touring seasons, the group recorded Total Fucking Blowout, their second album, by then issued via Estrus records. In 2001, The Fireballs of Freedom delivered their third major studio recording, Welcome to the Octagon. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide