Based in Los Angeles, Fire on Blonde was an obscure dance-pop/urban contemporary group that recorded some noteworthy singles in the 1980s. Fire on Blonde was formed in 1985, when singer/actress Suzie Benson joined forces with keyboardist Jim Vukovich. The two had known each other since 1983 and had been members of a cover band called Atsui. Neither Benson nor Vukovich were L.A. natives; the big-voiced Benson was born in Cherry Point, NC, in 1964 but grew up in Baltimore and Sacramento, while Vukovich was originally from Waukegan, IL, near Chicago.

After performing in L.A. clubs for a few years, Fire on Blonde caught the attention of Atlantic Records, who released the group's first single, "Stop and Think," in 1986. The following year, Vukovich left the group and was replaced by Swedish keyboardist Scott Rudgress. The Benson/Rudgress edition of Fire on Blonde recorded two 12" singles in 1987: "Wrong Number" on Atlantic and "Bounce Back" on the TSR-distributed Spinn label. Both songs were written and produced by Michael Jay, who used them a second time when he produced dance-pop singer Alisha's Bounce Back album for MCA in 1990. Although all of its singles were infectious, Fire on Blonde didn't became well known and never came out with an album. In 1988, the group broke up. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide