Figures on a Beach PhotoMichigan-formed, Boston-based Figures on a Beach played in a New Romantic-derived synth/dance-pop style with intricate arrangements and artsy leanings. The group recorded an independent EP, Swimming, in 1983, and the Don Was-produced single "Breathless" in 1984, but it took another three years for them to deliver a full-length album. By the time of 1987's Standing on Ceremony, the group consisted of vocalist Anthony Kaczynski, guitarist John Rolski, keyboardist Christopher Ewen, bassist Perry Tell, and drummer Michael J. Smith. A self-titled LP followed in 1989, containing a minor hit cover of Bachman-Turner Overdrive's "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet," but the group's sound was a bit dated by then, and they disbanded without further success. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide