Greg Ginn PhotoGreg Ginn was one of the most influential figures on independent/alternative rock in the 1980s. With Black Flag, the guitarist established many of the sounds and ethics of hardcore punk, from its faster-louder sound to its staunchly political and independent values. To distribute their band's records, Black Flag founded the SST record label; Ginn effectively controlled the company, determining its artistic direction, as well as reaping its meager financial gains.

Throughout the '80s, the label would release some of the most important and influential post-punk bands of the decade, including Hüsker Dü, Sonic Youth, the Minutemen, Dinosaur Jr., and the Meat Puppets. While Black Flag was at the height of their career in the early '80s, Ginn led an instrumental trio called Gone. Both Black Flag and Gone broke up in 1986. The following year Ginn began Cruz Records; by the early '90s, he was the sole owner of SST, Cruz, and New Alliance Records. Ginn began his solo career in 1993 with Getting Even; it was followed a few months later by Dick. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide