Go-Betweens PhotoFORMED: 1978, Brisbane, Australia
DISBANDED: December 31, 1989

The Go-Betweens were perhaps the quintessential cult band of the '80s: they came from an exotic locale (Brisbane, Australia), moved to a major recording center (in their case, London) in a sustained bid to make a career out of music, released album after album of music seemingly tailor-made for the radio in spite of their having little use for contemporary Top 40 musical/lyrical formulas and earned considerable critical praise and a small but fervent international fan base.

Though they split up at the end of the decade, both songwriters have moved onto respectable solo careers, that, while rarely reaching the heights the Go-Betweens scaled, continue to uphold their legacy. Robert Forster and Grant McLennan began as a pair of teenagers obsessed with the earthy rock of Dylan, CCR and the Velvet Underground and encouraged by the Australian punk of the Saints. As collected on The Able Label Singles, their first two singles show a fondness for scruffy, British Invasion/New Wave-influenced pop rock. Picking up permanent drummer Lindy Morrisson, they recorded their debut LP, moved to England and signed a short-lived deal with Rough Trade.

Going for a lush, tuneful sound crammed with nonstandard rock instrumentation, they went on to record five more excellent LPs. Though their pre-Beggars Banquet albums were traditionally hard to find in the States, that label finally reissued all six albums on CD in 1996. 2000 saw a reunion of the band with the production of a new album, The Friends of Rachel Worth which also featured all three members of Sleater-Kinney. ~ Michael Ribas, All Music Guide