Gone PhotoWhile with hardcore pioneers Black Flag, guitarist Greg Ginn formed the side project Gone as a way of more deeply exploring his interest in free-form punk-jazz fusion. The instrumental trio, which also featured bassist Andrew Weiss, released two albums in 1986, Let's Get Real, Real Gone for a Change and Gone II But Never Too Gone!, which drew praise for their experimentation and a lukewarm response to their tendency to meander. When Black Flag disbanded in 1986, Ginn chose to concentrate on running his SST label and broke up Gone as well.

However, he revived the band in the mid-'90s with bassist Steve Sharp and drummer Gregory Moore; a plethora of releases followed, including Criminal Mind (1994), Damage Control (1995), and Best Left Unsaid (1996). Demology followed four years later; In the Bright Oxygen of My Nod was issued in early 2001. ~ Greg Prato, All Music Guide