The Grapes of Wrath PhotoThe Grapes of Wrath were a jangly alternative folk-pop quartet formed in Kelowna, British Columbia, in 1983 by brothers Chris Hooper (drums) and Tom Hooper (bass), along with vocalist/guitarist Kevin Kane (later adding keyboardist Vincent Jones). In 1984, they signed to Nettwerk Records and relocated to Vancouver where they recorded a four-song self-titled EP that earned the band some initial local exposure. 1985's full-length September Bowl of Green, however, gave them national recognition and critical acclaim.

Ready to make a stab at the U.S., they enlisted the help of Tom Cochrane (ex-Red Rider) for production of the follow-up, Tree House. Though it failed to break big, it did yield a hit single in Canada with "Peace of Mind." Subsequent singles and two more albums, Now and Again (1989) and These Days (1991), did well in their homeland but earned little sales elsewhere. In 1992, Kane left the band and the remaining members went on to become Ginger. Ginger released Far Out on Nettwerk in 1994 (released in the U.S. in 1995) and followed with Suddenly I Came to My Senses in late 1996. Kevin Kane released a solo album, Neighborhood Watch, in 1996 for On/Off Records in Canada.

In early 2000, The Grapes of Wrath reunited as a three-piece, featuring original members Tom Hooper and Kevin Kane along with a new member, drummer Matt Brain. ~ Chris Woodstra, All Music Guide