Hard-Ons PhotoPerforming simple, surf-derived hyperspeed punk rock a la the Ramones and Dead Kennedys (although decidedly without the latter's political orientation), Sydney, Australia's Hard-Ons turned out a series of LPs from the mid-'80s to the early '90s spotlighting their good-naturedly crude humor and preoccupations with sex (having it and not having it), authority, and fart jokes.

The Hard-Ons' original lineup included guitarist Blackie, bassist Ray, and drummer/vocalist Keish; formed in 1980, they eventually debuted on record in 1986 with Smell My Finger, later released in the U.S. under an eponymous title. 1987's Hot for Your Love Baby was the group's most sunnily melodic affair, while 1988's Dickcheese took a more metallic approach. The Hard-Ons returned to a punkier style on 1989's Love Is a Battlefield of Wounded Hearts and 1990's Yummy; 1993's Too Far Gone has proven the band's final release. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide