This quirky new wave band found initial fame as the subject of a 1982 TV documentary that chronicled the life of a new band, following them from the clubs straight through signing a major label deal. Unfortunately, the initial interest quickly waned and the band found itself ridiculed by the same industry that initially embraced it. Fronted by vocalist Michael Hurt and featuring keyboardist Tommy Newman, lead guitarist Tony Kowalski, drummer Chris Kaye, and bassist Marten Ingle, the Innocents were, in reality, a talented and very creative band that mixed pop sensibilities and new wave quirkiness and created an original sound that no one before or since has managed to duplicate.

Once the band split, the only member to attain any kind of notoriety was Newman, being part of the legendary Newman family of film composers (which also includes Randy). Under the name Thomas Newman, he's gone on to be nominated for numerous Academy Awards for many of his film scores. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide