Katrina & the Waves PhotoLed by ex-Soft Boy guitarist Kimberly Rew, Katrina & the Waves effortlessly evoked the irresistibly catchy guitar pop of the mid-'60s with their first three albums in the early '80s. Not only could Rew write songs that were instantly memorable ("Goin' Down to Liverpool" and "Walking on Sunshine"), but the band had a dynamic lead singer with the Kansas-born Katrina Leskanich, who could sound sweet or tough according to the material. After scoring a hit single with "Walking on Sunshine" in 1985, the band began to add a little bit of soul to their next album, Waves.

While the experimentation was flawed, what really hurt the record was the fact that Rew only contributed two songs. Waves marked a downturn in their commercial fortunes that was fixed with 1989's Break of Hearts, when the band turned into indistinguishable commercial hacks; they were rewarded with a Top 20 hit, "That's the Way." Following Break of Hearts, Katrina & the Waves drifted for a number of years. In 1993, they began performing reunion gigs, but it wasn't until 1997 that the band bounced back, when they won that year's Euro-vision song contest. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide