DISBANDED: January 22, 1999

KMFDM was one of Wax Trax's first industrial superstars, combining the corrosive scratching of their guitars with a hard, throbbing hip-hop derived beat. In the late '80s, the German trio (originally a quartet) became an underground sensation not only in America but in much of Europe; clubs became devoted to playing their style of abrasive, distorted guitar-driven dance music. KMFDM continues to be one of the major industrial bands of the '90s, with their recordings becoming even more aggressive, both musically and politically, as evidenced by releases including 1995's Nihil and Juke-Joint Jezebel as well as 1996's XTORT. A self-titled effort appeared in 1997, followed a year later by Retro. Adios was released in 1999, and KMFDM disbanded, with several members forming MDFMK and issued a lone self-titled release in 2000 before KMFDM reunited in 2002 for an all new album, Attak.. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide