Oh-OK's stylistic debt to R.E.M. - pop melodies set to jangling Southern folk-rock - makes sense not only because the band hails from Athens, GA., but also because bassist Lynda Stipe is Michael's sister. On their 1982 debut 7" EP, Wow, the remainder of Oh-OK consisted of singer Linda Hopper and drummer David Pierce (there was no guitarist).

For 1983's Furthermore What EP, produced by Mitch Easter, Pierce left the band, while guitarist Matthew Sweet joined. However, Oh-OK dissolved shortly thereafter; Sweet and Pierce formed the short-lived Buzz of Delight before the former embarked on an ultimately successful solo career, while Hopper has performed with Holiday and Homemade Sister (later called Swell), and Stipe became the lead singer of Hetch Hetchy under the name Lynda L. Limner. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide