After attempting to call themselves Orange Disaster and Architects of Disaster, Perfect Disaster finally settled on a name following its rhythm section's departure to form Fields of the Nephilim. When the group's Velvet Underground-influenced alternative pop/rock failed to break onto the British scene, they moved to France in 1985 and released a self-titled album with a lineup of bandleader/singer/guitarist Phil Parfitt, bassist John Saltwell, guitarist Allison Pates, and drummer Malcolm Catto. However, the band continued to struggle, releasing only a few EPs, and by the time Perfect Disaster finally secured a record deal in the U.K. in 1987, Saltwell and Pates had quit and were replaced by bassist Josephine Wiggs and guitarist Dan Cross.

1988's Asylum Road, based on Parfitt's experiences working in a mental hospital, received favorable reviews, as did 1989's Up. Wiggs left the band during the recording of 1990's Heaven Scent in order to work full-time with Kim Deal's Breeders, and Perfect Disaster itself broke up a year later, in spite of Saltwell's return on bass. Parfitt went on to collaborate with Spiritualized frontman Jason Pierce before forming a new band called Oedipussy. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide