Pink Military was one of the few groups to come from Liverpool during the post-punk era of the late '70s and early '80s that took from non-rock scenes like disco and reggae. While most of the acts that came from the Liverpool club Eric's were more rock-based (Echo & the Bunnymen, Wah!, The Teardrop Explodes), Pink Military had more in common with the non-Liverpool groups of the time that looked outside of rock & roll's history for inspiration.

After the breakup of Big in Japan, Jayne Casey formed Pink Military Stand Alone with keyboardist/guitarist Nicky Cool; the remainder of the group membership commonly changed from release to release. Within a couple months of their first gig, the live EP Buddha Waking Disney Sleeping was self-released on Last Trumpet. A 12" by the title of Blood and Lipstick was out by October of the same year, released on Eric's, the label affiliated with the Liverpool club. Shortening the group's name to Pink Military, the LP Do Animals Believe in God? was issued in June of 1980.

The group - which at the time of the album's release included the nucleus of Casey and Cool, along with keyboardist Charlie Griffiths, ex-Yachts bassist Martin Dempsey, future Simply Red drummer Chris Joyce, and percussionist Neil Innes - dissolved soon after. Casey continued in the longer running Pink Industry. ~ Andy Kellman, All Music Guide