The Producers Photo
The Producers are a rock band that started in the early 80's. They've had 5 albums including one compilation; the self titled "The Producers" in 1981, "You Make The Heat" in 1982, as well as a 3rd album called "Run For Your Life" released around 1985. They also have a CD with both "The Producers" and "You Make The Heat" on one CD.

Their newest album called "Coelacanth" is finally being released in 2001! This album was recorded in the late 80's has been sat on by the record comanies until now. The Producers are one of my favorite bands. The first Producers song I heard was 'She Sheila'. I was hooked. If you like early 80's pop rock bands in the vein of The Knack, The Tubes, The Police (and other bands with THE in their name), you will LOVE The Producers.

The Producers music is classified as 'Powerpop'. If you are into classifications of music and the development of different genres these articles may interest you. The AMG article will help you understand something about where the Producers music came from. Unfortunately, the article derides The Producers and Sue Saad and the Next (the 2 bands I have web sites for). I suppose I could flame about the article for several pages - all I'll say is, as in movies, you don't have to please the professional critics in order to put out some stuff!

Here's a quote from the article: "However, power-pop of the late-'70s/early-'80s is also remembered for the slavish imitators and skinny-tie-wearing no-talents, writing second-generation Raspberries ripoffs, pouting and posing on destined-for-the-cut-out-bin album covers that major labels vomited at an alarming rate. They were faceless hacks like ... The Producers, Sue Saad and the Next, ... and countless other bandwagon jumpers. But, the sine qua non of power-pop condescension and sleaze was without a doubt, The Knack. Fueled by their malodorous 1979 number one hit single, "My Sharona," The Knack singlehandedly gave power-pop its bad name. Unctuous to the nth degree, obvious in their Beatle fakery, The Knack were less a band and more a marketing-department creation, who laughed all the way to the bank..." -- by John Dougan c/o the All Music Guide

Now I have to find a critical article that likes The Producers! If you find anything, let me know.