The Pop! PhotoNot to be confused with the mid-'90s Australian outfit, The Pop! issued one of the defining singles of the L.A. punk/power pop movement, "Down on the Boulevard," which helped pave the way for other bands around Los Angeles with the same D.I.Y. aesthetic. Their sound wasn't revolutionary - essentially hard-rocking power pop - but The Pop! endeared themselves to fans with their staunch support of the local scene. The band consisted of guitarist and sometime frontman Roger Prescott, vocalist/guitarist David Swanson, guitarist Tim McGovern, bassist Tim Henderson, and drummer Joel Martinez.

Their self-titled debut was released on Automatic in 1977; it was followed two years later by Go!, recorded for Arista. McGovern then left the band, robbing them of their principal arranger, and after the less energetic 1981 EP Hearts and Knives, The Pop! called it quits. In the late '80s, Prescott formed Train Wreck Ghosts with ex-Plimsouls and dB's guitarist Eddie Munoz; the two also played with the Walking Wounded. Swanson also recorded a solo roots rock LP in 1990. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide