Down from Portland, Oregon came the two-man Parasites of the Western World, spreading electronic weirdness throughout the land. Patrick Burke and Terry Censky play just about everything but the kitchen sink; they're aided by an occasional guitarist and drummer on their two combo albums, but it's mainly them.The first LP is full of dense (but not monotonous) semi-electronic rock pieces. Some have words, but most are evocative, cinematic instrumentals that are good and loud - none of that wimpy ambient crap! As a treat, they run through the song that might have inspired them - the Beatles' "Flying."

Substrata leans toward more routine rock - vocals, guitar, less weirdness - and tries hard to be mainstream; its amateurish predecessor is much more entertaining. Burke's solo record - one of those nobody-helped jobs - differs greatly from the Parasites' releases. Using more technology, Silence and Timing works to display his songs in a sleek, modern setting. ~ Phillip Ewing, 80s Retro Music