Certainly one of the more talented singers of the late eighties English goth rock scene, All About Eve's Julianne Regan proved that sometimes things happen when you least expect it. Raised in Coventry, Julianne left home to pursue her dream of being a journalist for England's famous music paper, the NME. Ending up at a small magazine called Zig-Zag, Julianne's moment came during an interview with goth-popsters Gene Loves Jezebel. The band and Julianne hit it off, and she was recruited to become the new bass player. After a little over a year, she got the singing bug and decided to leave Gene Loves Jezebel. She then hooked up with ex-X-Mal Deutschland drummer Manuella Zwingman and formed the short-lived Swarm. Once she had started working with Tim Bricheno and Andy Cousin, All About Eve was born.

The All About Eve years for Julianne were both stressful and successful. In the beginning their independent singles were hits and the majors came calling. The Mission liked them so much, they made All About Eve an almost constant opening act, helping the Eve's reach more fans then they thought possible. But the good times didn't last for long. A failed personal relationship between Julianne and Tim Bricheno resulted in his exit from the group after the second album, Scarlet And Other Stories (Marty Willson-Piper of The Church was his replacement), and record company pressure forced them to switch labels for 1991's Ultraviolet. By 1992, the Eves were no more. A lack of support for the group, both from the record company and from the buying public led to the split.

With the demise of All About Eve, Julianne underwent a change of sorts. Dropping the gypsy goth of her earlier work, Julianne formed the "project band" Mice. After a handful of singles and an album, 1996's ...Because I Can, the group fell apart, oddly for many of the same reasons that the Eves faded. She appeared on a number of projects, including Jules et Jim and Harmony Ambulance, and performed with Fairport Convention.

In 1999, old friend Wayne Hussey had decided to reform the Mission, and tour England. Once again, they offered their opening slot to none other than All About Eve. Julianne had been working with the former members of the group and went along. The shows were a success, and Julianne, Andy and Marty embarked on an unplugged tour in early 2000. In June of the same year Julianne and the band released "Fairy Light Nights," a collection of songs from the unplugged tour. A new All About Eve compilation was also assembled by Julianne for 2000 release. ~ Chris True, All Music Guide