Sneetches PhotoSan Francisco's Sneetches feature the classic pop songwriting talents of vocalist/guitarist Mike Levy and guitarist Matt Carges, plus the British-born rhythm section of Alejandro "Alec" Palao (bass, formerly of the Stingrays) and Daniel Swan (drums). Although the Sneetches wrote bright, sunny pop melodies, their lyrics were often introspective and downbeat. Eight demo tracks recorded as a trio with Levy on bass were released as Lights Out! With the Sneetchesz by the U.K. Kaleidoscope Sounds label in 1988. (It was later reissued with additional tracks on the collection 1985-1991.) The Sneetches' official debut, Sometimes That's All We Have, was issued by Alias in 1989, and it was followed a year later by the darker, equally impressive Slow, Palao's first album with the band. The Sneetches resurfaced in 1994 on the Spin Art label with the LP Blow Out the Sun; several collections appeared in the interim period - 1991's 1985-1991 repackaged their debut with outtakes and 12" tracks, 1993's Think Again covered the band's singles for Bus Stop, and 1994's Obscure Years reprised Think Again plus seven more tracks. Those tracks were, in turn, released separately as Starfucker in 1995. The Sneetches also collaborated with ex-Flamin' Groovies guitarist/vocalist Chris Wilson in 1993 on Chris Wilson and the Sneetches. ~ Steve Huey, All Movie Guide