Urban Dance Squad Photo
The Amsterdam-based rock/rap collective Urban Dance Squad began in 1986, playing and jamming together on an informal basis. They played a gig at an Utrecht festival and, surprised by the raves their performance drew, became a more serious project. The group gigged for two years, and with the proceeds released 1990's Mental Floss for the Globe. Urban Dance Squad's mix of rock, rap, funk, ska, folk, hip hop and soul signaled the trend towards genre-bending that prevailed in '90s music. Mental Floss featured the single "Deeper Shade of Soul" which charted at #21 in the US on Billboard's Hot 100. The group spent another year touring constantly, and released their second album Life 'n Perspective of a Genuine Crossover in 1991. Unfortunately, it failed to match Mental Floss' critical or commercial success, as did 1994's Persona Non Grata. 1999 saw Urban Dance Squad release their fourth album, Planet Ultra, as well as rerelease their earlier releases on the Triple X label. ~ Heather Phares, All Music Guide