Volcano Suns PhotoAfter Mission of Burma broke up in 1983, drummer Peter Prescott formed the Volcano Suns as an outlet for his own songwriting. Not quite like Burma's roaring din, the Suns balanced punky power-trio moments with folky, Midwestern rock. The band's original lineup also featured guitarist Gary Waleik and bassist Steve Michener, but this group never made it to vinyl; that breakthrough went to bassist Jeff Weigand and guitarist Jon Williams on 1985's The Bright Orange Years. Weigand and Williams had an expanded songwriting role on 1986's noisier All-Night Lotus Party; in between albums, the group backed longtime Mission of Burma friend Dredd Foole under the name the Din.

However, this lineup disintegrated in March of 1987, and Prescott regrouped with bassist Bob Weston and guitarist Chuck Hahn for Bumper Crop. 1988's Farced, recorded for SST, featured additional instrumentation and song contributions from guest David Kleiler, who became the Suns' regular guitarist on the 1989 double LP Thing of Beauty. After parting ways with SST, the group recorded one more album, 1991's Career in Rock, before calling it quits. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide