The Vandals PhotoFORMED: 1981

The Vandals toiled in California's hardcore punk scene throughout the 1980s and '90s, proving their longevity without the support of major-label promotion. Obviously, a punk band active for over 15 years had to deal with personnel changes, but the Vandals proved surprisingly stable; the most stable lineup -- vocalist Dave Quackenbush, guitarist Warren Fitzgerald, bassist Joe Escalante and drummer Josh Freese -- coalesced in the late '80s and survived throughout the '90s. The Vandals recorded sparingly before the '90s, but released albums for Triple X, Nitro, Epitaph and their own Kung Fu label. Hitler Bad, Vandals Good followed in 1998 and their tenth album, Look What I Almost Stepped In, was released in mid-2000. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide