Formed in Bristol in 1978 during the second wave of British punk, the Vice Squad consisted of singer Beki Bondage (b. Rebecca Bond), guitarist Dave Bateman, bassist Mark Hambly, and drummer Shane Baldwin. Most of the members were teenagers at the time. The Vice Squad released its debut single, "Last Rockers," on its own Riot City label, garnering enough attention in the punk press to secure a licensing deal for the label with EMI. Following several EPs, their debut album, 1981's No Cause for Concern, was a rushed effort recorded in only three days. Six months later, the more developed Stand Strong Stand Proud album was released.

However, tensions between band members (never comfortable to begin with) escalated over EMI's desire for a national chart hit, and Bondage exited the band after an argument over animal rights. She went on to form Ligotage and later Beki and the Bombshells, while her former bandmates hired vocalist Lia and guitarist Sooty for one more LP, 1985's Shot Away. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide