The punkish, London-based pop band We Are Going to Eat You was formed in 1986 by vocalist Julie Sorrel, guitarist Paul Harding, bassist Paul "Veg" Venables, and drummer Chris Knowles (ex-Hagar the Womb), the latter of whom also wrote most of the band's songs. After extensive touring and several indie releases, including the 1987 EP I Wish I Knew, the band got some mainstream exposure on the BBC alternative-rock television show Snub TV in 1989, and major labels came calling. However, We Are Going to Eat You's record label refused to allow them to leave without substantial financial compensation. The 1989 LP Everywhen was lost in the shuffle, and by the time the legal situation was resolved, the band's career had lost its momentum. Exasperated, the group called it quits and re-formed as Melt. ~ Steve Huey, All Movie Guide