Liverpool's Walkingseeds brought a Cramps-like taste for weirdness and trash culture to their revival of '60s garage-band psychedelia. The band was led by vocalist Frank Martin and guitarist Robert Parker; in their initial incarnation as The Corinthians, Parker doubled on bass, while John Neesam played drums. The Walkingseeds released an EP, Know Too Much, and the single "Tantric Wipeout" in 1986, after which Neesam left the band and ex-Marshmallow Overcoat members Tony Mogan (drums) and Baz Sutton (guitar) joined. After the 1987 EP Skullfuck, the band traveled to New York after a brief rest to record Upwind of Disaster, Downwind of Atonement with Kramer.

The year saw two additional mini-albums, Shaved Beatnik (for which Sutton left to join The La's and was replaced for a short time by Andy Rowan) and a collaboration with the Bevis Frond entitled Sensory Deprivation Chamber Quartet (or the Dwarf LP); the latter introduced bassist Lee Webster. Signing with Kramer's Shimmy-Disc label produced Bad Orb...Whirling Ball, arguably the band's strongest album, and featured contributions from guitarist Don Fleming. However, the Walkingseeds then disbanded, citing their lack of success; a posthumous live album, Earth Is Hell, was issued in 1990. Mogan and Parker formed the Del-Bloods, as well as several other side projects, while Webster joined Baz Sutton's new band Froth. ~ Steve Huey, All Movie Guide