Win were a strange, yet enjoyable, pop band from Scotland who crept onto the music scene with a few singles in '85 and '86, but didn't get around to releasing their debut album, ...Uh! Tears Baby (on London), until '87. Led by former Fire Engines mainman Davey Henderson on vocals, guitar and keyboards, Win also featured Russel Burn (keyboards, percussion, vocals and samples), Ian Stoddart (drums, vocals, percussion and keyboards), Manny Shoniwa (guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals) and Simon Smeeton (guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals). ...Uh! Tears Baby was a strange mix of Henderson's quirky songwriting and a 'modern' (for the '80s) dance groove.

The clean production (by David Motion) added even more to the odd feel of the album. This was a band aching to break down barriers while remaining firmly inside them. Imagine Marc Bolan fronting early It Bites covering songs by Orange Juice and having the whole thing mixed by Kraftwerk and Adam Ant! ('Wow' is right!) As odd as Henderson's songs were, they were still catchy and hummable, fueled by the soulful groove of the band. Two years later, Win released their belated sophomore album, Freaky Trigger, on Virgin. With the addition of William Perry (keyboards and vocals), Win sounded basically the same (albeit a little more funky). Without much success, the band drifted away. Henderson resurfaced a few years later as leader of the Nectarine No. 9. ~ Steven "Spaz" Schnee, All Music Guide