Wind PhotoPlaying exuberant power-pop with abundant talent and a solid grounding in '60s AM radio - from merseybeat to folk-rock to summery soul - this Miami trio made a wonderful debut with the winningly unpolished Where It's At. The marvelous fourteen-song collection of beguiling originals not only re-creates the sound of a simpler time, but captures the giddy innocence of musical self-discovery, as if this were all new. The Wind then relocated north to Queens, New York, stopping in North Carolina long enough to have Mitch Easter co-produce the six-song Guest of the Staphs at his studio. Although the charming rush of cluttered, busy arrangements and overstuffed lyrics occasionally resembles Let's Active or the dB's - especially when the rhythms turn off the main road and the guitars and vocals go on a harmonic rampage - "Delaware 89763" is a '60s raveup in the style of early Manfred Mann.

Fronting a new four-piece lineup, songwriters Lane Steinberg (vocals/guitar) and Steven Katz (vocals/bass/keyboards) mix XTC, The Lovin' Spoonful, British Invasion bands and numerous other classic antecedents on the self-produced Living in a New World, an ambitious but lighthearted pop gem of great songs, witty (occasionally funny) lyrics and pretty harmonies. ~ Phillip Ewing, 80s Retro Music