SST Records co-founder and Black Flag bassist Chuck Dukowski began his career in a band called Würm; in 1982, Dukowski re-formed Würm and recorded an LP entitled Feast, which featured Simon Smallwood of Dead Hippie on vocals. The album was eventually released on SST in 1985. Würm prefigured Chuck Dukowski's tenure in Black Flag; he reformed the group temporarily in 1982 and cut a belated LP which SST issued a few years later. Feast features the gallingly awful singing of Dead Hippie's Simon Smallwood but, in fairness to him, is pretty dire all by itself. I'm not sure, but I think it's an imitation of the Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Then again, it might have been more influenced by Atomic Rooster... ~ Phillip Ewing, 80s Retro Music