Poison -
I Want Action

I want action tonight
satisfaction all night
I grab my hat,
and I grab my shoes
Tonight I'm gonna to hit the streets
and cruise
Down the main street and check it out
and look at those school girls a hangin' around
Now I'm a sucker for a pretty face
I don't care if she's in leather or lace
cause I'm just lookin' for a little kiss

I want action tonight,
satisfaction all night
You got the love I need tonight

Long legs and short skirts
these girls hit me where it hurts
I can't wait to get my hands on them
I won't give up till they give in
Now I'm not lookin' for a love that lasts
I need a shot and I need it fast
If I can't have her, I'll take her and make her


Hey, sweetheart, slide on in here
No, not in the front, jump in the back
Cause there's something back there I wanna show ya
I want action tonight,
satisfaction all night
Oh, come on, honey, I wasn't that bad!
Oh, well.

You light the fuse on dynamite
I need you tonight