Jeff Healey Band - 
Angel Eyes

Girl, you're lookin' fine tonight
And every guy has got you in his sight
What you're doin' with a guy like me
Is surely one of life's little mysteries

So tonight I'll ask the stars above
How did I ever win your love
What did I do, what did I say
To turn your angel eyes my way

Well I'm the guy who never learned to dance
Never even got one second glance
Across a crowded room was close enough
I could look but I could never touch


Don't anyone wake me
If it's just a dream
'Cause she's the best thing
Ever happened to me
All you fellows, you can look all you like
But this girl you see, she's leavin' here with me tonight

There's just one more thing I need to know
If this is love why does it scare me so?
Must be something only you can see
'Cause girl I feel it when you look at me