April Wine - 
Caught In The Crossfire

On assignment to the new world
They said there'd be no chance of war
Missed the shuttle to the main star
They promised they'd be back for more Oh yea
Then the warships came without a sound
There were at least a hundred of them bearing down

Caught in the crossfire
Caught in the crossfire
War of the Empire
No one will be the same oh
Caught in the crossfire
Caught in a new age war - we were

I heard somebody say we'd be wasted
Under the fire we were without defense
My buddy said he had a space van
A long range cruiser it was our only chance oh ya

We could see no way out but one
There was no choice but to try and run


Odessey laser fight
One shot last flight
Passed the warships thru the neutral zone
Our engines sheared the night as we raced for home