April Wine -
Gimme Love

Needin you
Wondering what to do
Baby I've been away
And even so
Maybe I should go
Is there nothing that you want to say
Just keep it nice
Baby what's your price
Cause it looks as though I have to pay
For something clean, only some machine
But she never lets it in her way
Gimme love gimme love
Gimme love gimme love
Gimme love gimme love
Oh yeah, gimme love

I'm feelin used
And maybe I'm amused
Cause there's something that
I shoulda done
Like take my time
Or use another line
But I had to get it on the run
Can't you see I don't wanna disagree
There's a chance that we could lose the feel
Let's keep it nice
To get us through the night
Do you say you wanna make a deal


I need love