Thompson Twins
Nothing In Common  

Eww, yeah...
Need a helping hand,
Of all the people in the world,
I hoped you'd understand. 

You and me
have grown so far apart.
Don't show me faded photographs,
Just tell it from the heart. 

And after all that we've been through,
Don't you know i feel for you,
We've got nothing in common,
So much to lose, yeah yeah yeah. 

You say,
That boys must never cry.
If we keep our feelings to ourselves,
We'll be boys until we die (di-di-di-di-di-die). Ewww, yeah.
Inside this velvet glove,
There's always been an iron fist,
Destroying all we love 


Oh, now there were times I wanted to shake you,
Break you, bring you to your knees.
Oh, now there were times I wanted to touch you,
Hold you, help me, help me please. 

Whoa, o-whoa.
Such a crying shame.
You know I loved you then,
You know I love you now,
And nothing else has changed.