Ready for the World
Oh Sheila

Like I always say what's good for the gaze
Is always good for the camera
oh Sheila, oh, oh

2-Oh baby love me right 
  Let me love you till I get it right, hmm
  Can't you let the others be
  'Cause with you is where I got to be

Oh, sugar where you been
Hangin' out with your male friends
Listen, somebody's going to hurt you
The way you love, to keep hurting me, we say

1-Oh oh Sheila let me love you
  Till the morning comes
  Oh oh Sheila you know I want
  To be the only one

3-Oh baby, understand that I want
  To be the only man

But it seems you're screaming too hard
Now think yourself to have an only friend
Oh baby, it's plain to see
That you're qualified to fill my needs

4-I think you threw an oath on me
  Honey, baby, just you wait and see

And we say
(repeat 1)

Oh baby, it's 1-2-3
I love you baby honestly, hmm, I want to
Di a di da li a di a di da li

Oh, oh Sheila...
(repeat 2, 3, 4, 1)