April Wine - 
Rock N Roll Woman

Get ready baby
When things start to move
Stand out of the way, yeah
When she starts to groove

She's living her life
Just as much as she can
Just her and the music
Of a rock and roll band

It's the music that takes her away
Near most every day

No folkie no
Gonna maker feel good
That blue grass music
Just don't do what it should
That classical gas stuff
Well it don't mean a thing
Cause she's only happy in a rock n roll scene

It's the music that takes her away
And the feeling that gets her
Near most every day
Cause she's a rock n roll kinda woman
Strictly one of a kind, she is
With her neon suspenders, yeah
Sure 'nough blows my mind

Rock steady baby
Just a keep a movin' on
You gonna dance to the music
Til the music's all gone
And it's a special that feeling
That comes over you
When you're stompin your feet
And there ain't nothing you can do